Thursday, November 8, 2007

Deatth In The Shadows Of Our Communities Is Revealed

Hello Good Citizen!

Before the Bill will be passed to ban publicity of your Gift, World Child Rescue Foundation brings to you NOW the Best Gift of the Year; – The Gift many waited and talked about – Revelation of The Unrevealed.

If you're a loving Parent, Role Model, Ruler or a Leader find out from this Gift how you or any one else could be forced to become a Murderer without warning; How you may contact HIV with out ever sleeping around, How you and your loved ones could be made to engage into un-natural sexual behavior, and other criminal activities. How you can even cure incurable diseases. And why our leaders refuse to admit and tell us the Truth about the hidden death in shadows of our communities.

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Remember that our conscience, God, Christ, Mohammed, and Gandhi all told us that it is not just those who continue to bring evil sufferings to us are criminals or sinners but also those who see / hear about them but do nothing.

Be a child rescuer by forwarding this mail to 7 persons so that your position with the Angels will be established.

The book, REVELATION OF THE UNREVEALED has uncovered multiple secrets behind most hidden deaths unheard of in the shadows of our communities, the cause of repeated criminalistic behavior of Anglo/Afro Americans and Latinos, and more importantly why so many people are put away for crimes they never committed. "This Book is gift to man and also called healer of the un-healable wounds!"

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Thanks & Be Blessed

Lord Patrickson